Course Code :1111FLWTLE
Study domain:Literature
Academic year:2017-2018
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:45
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: Exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:English
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Frank Albers

3. Course contents *

The course focuses on some of Shakespeare's greatest plays in different genres (comedies, tragedies, history plays and so-called problem plays) in light of the major developments of his time, inside as well as outside the theater. More specifically, it tries to understand Shakespeare's position vis-à-vis two major and interconnected themes of his day: monarchy and capitalism. Plays on this year's reading list include A Comedy of Errors, The Merchant of Venice, Richard II, Measure for Measure, Hamlet, Othello and The Tempest. In addition to extensive and close readings of the Shakespearean text, we will also watch (fragments of) stage performances and movie adaptations of some Shakespeare plays.