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4-Telecommunication 1

Course Code :1529FTITLC
Study domain:Electronics
Academic year:2020-2021
Semester:2nd semester
Contact hours:24
Study load (hours):84
Contract restrictions: No contract restriction
Language of instruction:English
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Raf Catthoor

3. Course contents *

Introduction: decibels, the electromagnetic spectrum

Transmission lines: network approach

  • Line parameters R, G, L, C; travelling sine wave on a lossless line
  • Travelling sine wave on a lossy line
  •               The wave equation and solution
  •               Characteristic impedance; propagation constant; attenuation coefficient
  •               Example: coaxial line
  • Group velocity and dispersion
  • The transmissielijn in time: reflections.
  •               The creation of a reflected wave
  •               Border conditions at the beginning and end of the line
  •               Step response:
  •                             voltage and current along the line
  •                             voltage at the beginning and at the end of the line as a function of time
  •                             Bergeron-diagram
  •               Pulse response.
  • Reflected waves in sinusoidal regime on a lossless line
  •               The relation between V+ and I+ , V- and I-
  •               Standing waves; standing wave ratio
  •               Vector representation of incident and reflected wave
  •               Time domain reflectometry
  • Noise and interference
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Electromagnetic waves

  • Electromagnetic plane waves; Pointing vector; Polarisation
  • Spherical waves
  • Waves propagating between two conducting planes
  • Reflection and refraction of plane waves; border conditions at the boundary dielectricum/dielectricum and dielectricum/ideal conductor; Brewster angle; Total internal reflection

Transmission line examples

  • Coaxial line
  • Microstrip line
  • Waveguides: modes, cutoff frequency; coupling with coax
  • Twisted pair

Antennas and arrays

  • Reciprocity
  • Radiaton pattern, directivity, gain
  • Antenna impedance, antenna efficiency, effective area
  • Dipoles and related antennas
  • horn antennas, dish antennas
  • Arrays

Waves in free space

  • Sending and receiving in free space; Friis transmission equation
  • Noise
  • Microwave links
  • Communication via satellites; calculations
  • Earth propatation beyond horizon
  • Navigation with GPS.
  • Broadcasting, cable networks, mobile phones
  • Radar
  • RFID

Waves in a medium with losses

  • Loss-tangent, penetration depth
  • Atmosferic losses and ground losses
  • Microwave heating