6-Telecommunication 3

Course Code :1531FTITLC
Study domain:Electronics
Academic year:2017-2018
Semester:2nd semester
Contact hours:24
Study load (hours):84
Contract restrictions: No contract restriction
Language of instruction:English
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Maarten Weyn
Ben Bellekens
Noori Bni Lam

3. Course contents *

Uniform  Plane Waves                                                                               

Maxwell  Equations  in  phasor  form,  Wave  Equation,  Uniform  Plane  wave  in  Homogeneous,  free space,  dielectric,  conducting  medium.  Polarization:  Linear,  circular  &  Elliptical  polarization, unpolarized  wave.  Reflection  of  plane  waves,  Normal  incidence,  oblique  incidence, Electromagnetic  Power and Poynting  theorem and  vector.

Wave Propagation                                                                                   

Fundamental  equations  for  free  space  propagation,  Friis  Transmission  equation.  Attenuation  over reflecting  surface,  Effect  of  earth‟s  curvature.  Ground,  sky  &  space  wave  propagations.  Structure of  atmosphere.  Characteristics  of  ionized  regions.  Effects  of  earth‟s  magnetic  field.  Virtual height,  MUF,  Skip  distance.  Ionospheric  abnormalities.  Multi-hoppropagation.  Space  link geometry.    Characteristics  of  Wireless  Channel:  Fading,  Multipath  delay  spread,  Coherence Bandwidth, and Coherence  Time.

Antenna  Fundamentals                                                                         

Introduction, Types  of  Antenna, Radiation Mechanism. Antenna  Terminology: Radiation pattern, radiation  power  density,  radiation  intensity,  directivity,  gain,  antenna  efficiency,  half  power beam  width,  bandwidth,  antenna  polarization,  input  impedance,  antenna  radiation  efficiency,effective  length,  effective  area,  reciprocity.  Radiation  Integrals:  Vector  potentials    A,  J,  F,  M, Electric  and  magnetic  fields  electric  and  magnetic  current  sources,  solution  of  inhomogeneous vector potential wave  equation, far field  radiation

Wire Antennas                                                                                       

Analysis  of  Linear  and  Loop  antennas:  Infinitesimal  dipole,  small  dipole,  and  finite  length  dipole half  wave  length  dipole,  small  circular  loop  antenna.  Complete  Analytical  treatment  of  all  these elements. Unit V 

Antenna   Arrays                                                                                       

Antenna  Arrays:  Two  element  array,  pattern  multiplication  N-element  linear  array,  uniform amplitude  and  spacing,  broad  side  and  end-fire  array,  N-element  array:  Uniform  spacing,  non uniform  amplitude,  array  factor,  binomial  and  DolphTchebyshev  array.    Planar  Array,  Circular Array,  Log  Periodic  Antenna, YagiUda  Antenna  Array

Antennas  and  Applications                                                           

Structural  details,  dimensions,  radiation  pattern,  specifications,  features  and  applications  of following  Antennas:  Hertz  &  Marconi  antennas,  V-  Antenna,  Rhombic  antenna.    TW  antennas. Loop  antenna,  Whip  antenna,  Biconical,  Helical,  Horn,  Slot,  Microstrip,  Turnstile,  Super turnstile &  Lens antennas. Antennas with  parabolic  reflectors