Student research - Sociology - part I

Course Code :1700PSWLS2
Study domain:Statistics
Academic year:2013-2014
Semester:2nd semester
Sequentiality:Student Research II Sociology can only be followed if a credit has been obtained for student research part I or if student research part I is part of your current studyprogramm.
Contact hours:45
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: Exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:continuous assessment
Lecturer(s)Guido Van Hal
Francis Van Loon
Leen Sebrechts
Matthias Bunneghem
Marjolijn De Wilde
Wim Vandewiele

3. Course contents



The student research is a practical course in which students learn to perform a scientific research within sociology. The specific subject can vary but the complete research cycle is passed through: from the construction of a theoretical framework to the research report.

During the first phase students in most researches perform the following tasks:

Data analysis: This can either be the quantitative analysis of survey data, the analysis of qualitative data (interview transcripts, field notes) or the analysis of images.

Report: In group, students write the research report with special attention to the research question, the setup of the research, the data collection and the analysis. They also come to conclusions.

When the student research is financed externally, students also take care of the external communication of the results (eg. organizing a press conference).