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Course Code :2014GENGE2
Study domain:Medicine
Academic year:2019-2020
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:0
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: Faculty decision based on student file
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Julien Lambert
Olivier Vanderveken
Carina Koppen
Marc Braem
Marc De Bodt
Paul Parizel
Carl Van Laer
John-Paul Bogers

3. Course contents *

The module ‘senses 2’ follows upon the module ‘nervous system and senses 1 (Bachelor 3)’ and encompasses the clinical diagnostic and therapeutic approach of skin, ORL and aspects of head-neck surgery and eye. The lessons are  supplemented with integrated hands-on sessions by the teaching staff of the clinical line (and the different parts of the module are multidisciplinary approached during the lessons MDO).

(1)     The lessons ‘eye’ will be taught in the first week. Following topics will be discussed:
·         Medical retina
·         Peripheral retina (retina detachment - tumours)
·         Glaucoma
·         Neuro-anatomy of the vision
·         Uveitis
·         Pathology of the optic nerve
·         Live surgery cataract
·         Cataract – lens
·         Neuro-radiology
·         Cornea
·         Neuro-oftalmology
·         Eyelids and tear apparatus
·         Motility investigation and strabismus
·         The red eye (clinical lessons)
·         Sudden drop of vision (clinical lessons)
·          Driving ability (clinical lessons)  

(2)     The lessons ‘ORL with aspects of head-neck surgery’ will be taught in the second week. Following topics will be discussed:
·         Otology: Policy and therapy by otitis, hearing loss (specific attention for etiology of perceptive loss and tinnitus as complaint), facial paralysis, vertigo
Cases: Presbyacousis, hydrops labyrinthite, otosclerosis, child with earache and fever, patient with chronic ottorhoea, neonate referred by ‘Kind en Gezin’ because of failed hearing screening, patient with positional vertigo after a fall.
·         Rhinology: Diagnose, clinic and therapy of acute and chronic sinusitis, diagnose of chronic nose infections (incl. ozaena and atrophic rhinitis), approach and treatment of OSAS (obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome) and snoring, diagnose of nasal obstruction, diagnose of sneezing and rhinorrhea , therapeutic approach of nasal pathology including ARIA guidelines (allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma). 
Cases: Patient with pollinosis, child with recurring upper airway infections and rhinorrhea, patient with a sinus tumour, patient with veiled sinus images on CT scan
·         Mouth-throat pathology, laryngology and head-neck pathology including oncology: Xerostomia and inflammatory infection of the salivary gland, approach and therapy of throat pain, dysphagia, sclerophonia, neck swelling, early diagnosis of malignant tumours of the head-neck area
Cases: Patient with laryngectomy, patient with sclerophonia, patient with throat pain
·         Dentistry: Treatment of the tooth and gingiva pathology
Cases: Patient with a swollen cheek

(3)     The lessons ‘dermatology’ will be taught in the third and fourth week. Basic knowledge of dermatology will be taught, necessary for all doctors who will later have a non-dermatological practice. After a general introduction of histology and physiology the most frequent dermatological abnormalities will be discussed multidisciplinary and mainly from a clinical point of view. Following topics will be seen:
Third week:
·         Introductory concepts
·         Psoriasis
·         Pit. Rosea of Givert + eczema
·         Eczema
·         Photo dermatology
·         Practicum histology
·         Vessel diseases
·         L. planus – pigment disorders
·         Eruptions by medication + purpura, vesculitis, EM (clinical-pathological conferences)
·         Internship clinical training (half day)
·         Multidisciplinary education

·         Urticaria Prurigo + pruritus
·         Bacterial, viral en parasitic pathology
·         Acne
·         Hair pathology and nail pathology
·         Benign en malign tumours