Children's Literature Summer School

Course Code :2019FLWTLE
Study domain:Literature
Academic year:2019-2020
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:0
Study load (hours):168
Language of instruction:English
Possibility of resit:No
Lecturer(s)Vanessa Joosen
Gwennie Debergh

3. Course contents *

During five full days students attend twelve plenary lectures and take part in interactive workshops / seminars on children’s literature. The classes are taught at MA level by international specialists. The students are required to follow the lectures and workshops in their preferred strand from the following three option: childhood studies, classics of children's literature and research methods. The students complete preparatory tasks for the workshops, for instance reading and summarizing a selection of children’s books and critical articles, or writing a short reflection on a topic that is related to the seminar. After the summer school, during the exam period in August, they submit a research paper on a topic related to the thematic strands of the summer school.