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Portfolio including autopsys

Course Code :2022GENGE3
Study domain:Medicine
Academic year:2019-2020
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:1
Study load (hours):252
Contract restrictions: Faculty decision based on student file
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Nele Michels
Benedicte De Winter
Katrien Bombeke
Werner Jacobs
Bernard Paelinck
Yves Jacquemyn
Patrick Van Reempts
Patrick R M Lauwers
Julien Lambert
Patrick Cras
Marc Ramael
Koenraad Van Hoeck
An Bervoets
Steven Haine
Louis Ferrant
Jo Lebeer
Roy Remmen
Guido Van Hal
Kathleen De Greef
Jeroen Hendriks
Dirk Van West
Olivier Vanderveken
Ilse De Volder
Carina Koppen
Manuel Morrens
Filip Van Den Eede
Vincent Segers
Annelies Janssens
Koenraad Monsieurs
Heiko De Schepper
Katelijne Baetens
Stijn Verhulst
Anton Steinhauser
Kristin Van den Bogerd
Niels Adriaenssens
Liesbeth Verpooten
Karin Heyde
Winny Ang
Kris Goethals
Ann Van Gastel
Tim Van Den Wyngaert
Hans Eelen
Frank Vandeputte
Angelica Meers
Martin Lammens
Daniel Abramowicz
Tine Boiy
Amélie Dendooven
Ellen Faes
Antonius Mulder
Melissa Brans
Ingrid Schuurman
Sabine Lemoyne
An Stevens
Jeroen Anthierens
Barbara Gilis
Eveline Somers
Anneclaire Vroegop
Tatiana Burmensky
Evelien Herrebosch
Annick Massart
Sophie Van Steenbergen

3. Course contents *

For detailed information: see Blackboard.

There are different elements within one portfolio: 3 patient cases, 2 staff presentations, 2 self reflections, 1 procedure (report), some workplace based assignments which are the base of a personal development plan, 1 financial report, 1 autopsy report, 1 extra (free) assignment, and a profiling space. This gives a total of 12 elements + profiling space. Students can also find lists of the most important diseases, skills, and complaints which should be encountered during the internship.

The portfolio is been evaluated by 2 assessors, both using strict evaluation criteria. 1 assessor evaluates the whole portfolio per student (viewpoint of a basic doctor), the second assessor is linked to a discipline and evaluates all the assignments linked to his/her discipline. De assessors use scores between 0 and 8 (Dundee criteria). When scores differ too much, a deliberation occurs and a consensus score shall be given.


Following information is susceptible to change during the academic year and therefore holds no obligation of result, rather a commitment to perform to the best ability.