IPO Project: Integrated Systems

Course Code :2027FOWPOW
Study domain:Product Development
Academic year:2019-2020
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:114
Study load (hours):336
Contract restrictions: Exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Christiaan Baelus
Ivo Dewit
Frank Goethijn
Francis Dams
Kristel Van Ael
Jouke Casper Verlinden

3. Course contents *

IPO project

Define an innovative product-service-system (PSS) combination, based on a set topic (problem or opportunity). The project focusses on the current socio-economic context, combined with new technologies. By building  a system map and user research the needs and expectations of users and service provider are mapped. The project integrates the different profiles within the team: interaction design, strategic design and system design.

It results in a concept where scenarios are developed from the perspective of the different stakeholders. The interaction between the user and the various touch points of the PSS and the necessary technological solutions and business concepts are defined.

To support the PSS idea generation and concept development various research and design techniques (PPP Toolbox) are provided. All tools and methods are described in the manual. For the most important  tools templates are available:

Research questions - Interview the perspective - Interview the experience -Personas - Factors and themes - Rich pictures - Design challenge - Paradoxical thinking - Lotus blossom -meta-examples - Selection matrix - Serious play scenarios - Touchpoint Matrix - Leverage points - Blueprint - To be system folder - Conceptual model - Interaction mood board - Narrative -Low-fidelity prototyping - Process map - Medium-fidelity prototyping High-fidelity prototyping User testing.


Project management

Following aspects of the project includes:

1. The type of activities in which project management is applicable

2. Definitions

3. Project goal

4. Project reviews

5. Project Phasing

6. Assuring the quality

7. Informal aspects

8. Project planning

9. Critical Chain & TOC (Theory of Constraints)

10. Organizational Development for projects


4 International dimension*


5. Teaching method and planned learning activities

Class contact teaching



Personal work

Paper Individually



In group


Design studio

In group


5.2 Planned learning activities and teaching methods

IPO project

During the idea generation a step-by step approach is followed, introducing different research techniques and methods that support the user-oriented approach in the development of PSS (Product Service Systems. Feedback on the weekly results is given during the weekly presentations.

During the second half of the project the interaction between the various stakeholders and the touchpoints, a PSS business model and  a final product concept is developed. In addition, simulations, models and prototypes are used.

Project management

Lectures during the first half of the semester aim at raising awareness about the project management aspects. In the second half of the semester this is applied in the realization of the IPO project.