History of the First World War

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Study domain:History
Academic year:2017-2018
Semester:1st semester
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Lecturer(s)Marnix Beyen

3. Course contents *

Much more than a mere series of military events, the First World War has been a turning point in several fields of world history. Tensions which had developed during the ‘long nineteenth century’ reached their climax, thus showing the limits of the existing political, social, economic and cultural order. Conversely, evolutions taking place during the First World War would have a fundamental impact on the organization of society both within and outside of Europe. In this course, the story of the First World War will be told in such a way that its multifaceted origins and impact can be carefully assessed.  An overview of the political and military events occurring between the First Balkan War (1912) and the signing of the Lausanne Peace Treaty (1923) will serve as a starting point for thematic lectures in which the First World War will be studied from the perspective of democratization, the culture of violence and the rise of fascism, changing gender relations,  colonialism and anti-colonialism, growing and weakening impact of religion, international collaboration and the tension between traditional culture and the avant-garde. A last chapter of the course will be consecrated to the way  the First World War has been commemorated from its immediate aftermath until today.