Strategy Implementation and Control

Course Code :2101TEWSEO
Study domain:Management science
Academic year:2018-2019
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:60
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: No contract restriction
Language of instruction:English
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Toni Sfirtsis

3. Course contents *

This course introduces students to some of the most pertinent aspects of strategy implementation and control. Topics include:

  • The link between strategy and its implementation and control
  • The characteristics of a strategy-driven organisation
  • Fundamentals of a successful strategy and organisational change
  • Implementation advantages and disadvantages of organisation structures
  • The use of information for corporate performance measurement and strategic control
  • Balanced scorecards and strategy maps
  • The evaluation of strategic performance (high performance organisations)
  • The three wheels of profit and cash
  • Identification and management of risks
  • Levers for strategy implementation and control
  • Managing strategic change