This information sheet indicates how the course will be organized at pandemic code level yellow and green.
If the colour codes change during the academic year to orange or red, modifications are possible, for example to the teaching and evaluation methods.

II-Sustainable Materials

Course Code :2310FTIMEM
Study domain:Electromechanics
Academic year:2020-2021
Semester:2nd semester
Contact hours:50
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: Exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Jean-Pierre Smet
Gunther Steenackers

3. Course contents *

Corrosion: Concepts such as reduction potentials, balance potentials, corrosion potentials, corrosion flow densities and corrosion speeds will be explained.
Corrosion: different forms of corrosion
Corrosion: Measures against corrosion such as materials' choice, cathodic and anodic protection
Lab: measuring method to determine, in an electrochemical way, the corrosion speed in specific circumstances.
Materials' science: Steel alloys: tools, stainless steel tools
Materials' science: ceramic materials: structure, characteristics, applications and processing techniques
Materials' selection package CES
Welding: welding of stainless steel
Welding: aluminium
Welding: special welding processes