I-Urban Studies: Debates and Perspectives

Course Code :6014FTIIOT
Study domain:Engineering Sciences
Academic year:2017-2018
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:30
Study load (hours):84
Contract restrictions: No contract restriction
Language of instruction:English
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Bert De Munck
Christiane Timmerman
Ilse Loots
Luc Pauwels
Ilja Van Damme
Ann Verhetsel
Roeland Samson
Tim Soens
Thomas Vanoutrive
Stijn Oosterlynck
Tom Coppens
Maarten Van Acker
Greet De Block
Pascal Gielen

3. Course contents *

This course aims to offer students a basic understanding of key concepts, approaches and debates in the broader field of urban studies. The students will become acquainted with approaches to the city that are common in such different disciplines as urban sociology, urban environmental studies, economic and urban geography, spatial planning, architecture, urban history, and cultural and visual studies related to the urban. They will learn to understand the basic concepts used in these disciplines and gain insight in how urban issues are articulated and tackled. These concepts and approaches will be introduced not through text book information, but rather through a focus on present-day debates and problems related to the urban environment. A selection of present-day issues will in the different courses be addressed from the perspective of the different disciplines and, hence, be looked upon from different angles (social, political, cultural, material, ecological etc.).  This way, the students will acquire insight into the complexity and multidimensionality of cities and possible frictions and conflicts resulting from the different views on the city and urban issues. Thus, they will develop a basic ability to reflect critically upon and discuss urban policy making and technical solutions to urban problems.



- Introduction: the city as policy lab (Stijn Oosterlynck)

- Urban history: The smart city in a long term perspective (Bert De Munck & Ilja Van Damme)

- Urban economy: The agglomeration of production and consumption (Ann Verhetsel & Thomas Vanoutrive)

- Regional planning, accessibility and mobility (Thomas Vanoutrive & Ann Verhetsel)

- Urban planning: paradigms and implementation (case Antwerp) (Tom Coppens & Maarten Van Acker)

- Architecture theory and the city (Lara Schrijver)

- The urban economy and the creative city (Pascal Gielen & Ilja Van Damme)

- The environment, sustainability and the urban metabolism (Ilse Loots, Tim Soens and Roeland Samson)

- The smart city and its citizens:  the quest for the smart citizen (Stijn Oosterlynck)

- The diverse city: governing migration and diversity (Christiane Timmerman & Stijn Oosterlynck)

- Visual methods and the city (Luc Pauwels)

- The city, technology and the role of the expert (Bert De Munck & Greet De Block)