The Centre for Maritime and Air Transport management (C-MAT) is a centre of the Department of Transport and Regional Economics (Faculty of Business & Economics) at the University of Antwerp. Its primary mission entails:

  • Offering advanced state-of-the-art higher education based on contemporary research to both students and industry professionals
  • Strengthening its position as a premier supplier for highly specialised academic, practice-based maritime and air transportation economics Master programme

C-MAT is committed to maintaining and expanding its excellent reputation among key players in the maritime, port and air transportation industries. The strengths of the centre lie not only in its impressive academic credentials, extensive field research and wide-ranging empirical knowledge, but also in its ability to put contemporary global and multicultural know-how into practice. Located in the heart of the city of Antwerp, close to the port and near major airports, it offers a one-stop shop approach and a unique experience to students.