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    PrediCube makes online advertising more effective while respecting consumers' privacy
    Belgian tech starter PrediCube, a spin-off from digital research center iMinds and University of Antwerp, uses big data analytics to make sure consumers get to see those ads that are truly of interest to them, thereby increasing click-through rates up to 300%, while putting its unique 'privacy by design' strategy center stage.
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    Software can now be tested much faster
    Did you know that internet giants like Amazon update their software every 11.6 seconds, on average? Testing this new software is very labour-intensive and takes a rather long time. But researchers at the University of Antwerp and VUB have come up with a solution.
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    University invests in alternatives to animal testing
    The use of lab animals for scientific research is a significant societal issue. Whenever animal research is conducted at the University of Antwerp, we use the three Rs to ensure high levels of animal welfare: replacement wherever possible, reduction and refinement of animal testing.
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    Luke and Lucy - Auntie Biotica
    A comic on correct use of antibiotics, now online available in English
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    Egg cell quality impaired by mother's obesity
    Researchers at the University of Antwerp demonstrate a clear link between obesity and oocyte quality.

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