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    Spin-off obtains CE marking
    UAntwerp spin-off icometrix receives the coveted CE mark for its software MSmetrix. This software allows clinicians and radiologists to measure brain lesions and cerebral volumes of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
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    Colli-PeeTM wins IWT Innovation Award
    Colli-PeeTM, a first void urine collection device has received the IWT Innovation Award in the category 'major social relevance', developed by Novosanis, the young spin-off of the University of Antwerp.
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    We're one step closer to unravelling the hearing mechanism
    Hearing is a very complex sense: thousands of cells have to work together so that we can hear. The organ of Corti plays a vital role in this. Investigating its structure, Joris Soons (University of Antwerp) has succeeded in producing a detailed map of this receptor organ.
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    UAntwerp clusters expertise in new maritime and air transport centre
    Starting this academic year UAntwerp will be offering its English taught programmes of maritime and air transport economics within the framework of the new Centre for Maritime and Air Transport Management. "We respond to a dynamic business environment and demanding job market."
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    Fading Orange-Red
    Researchers of the UAntwerp examined a microscopically small sample of the painting 'Wheat Stack under a Cloudy Sky' by Vincent van Gogh. They have now been able to further clarify the degradation process of red lead that causes the bleaching of the color.

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