• 30
    Bill Gates and UAntwerp striving to eradicate polio
    Bill Gates wants to stamp out the infectious polio disease forever. To achieve this goal, he has invested three millions euros in a collaborative research project with UAntwerp.
  • 24
    UAntwerp appeals to stay alert
    In the context of the increase in the threat level, we have to stay extra alert. There are no indications that the university would be targeted. All activities continue as usual.
  • 20
    UAntwerp takes part in ICOS ERIC network
    The European Commission has officially established the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS ERIC), a new pan-European environmental research infrastructure which aims to provide long-term carbon and greenhouse gas observations across the Europe. UAntwerp takes part in the project.
  • 19
    Glove with sensor to help combat drug trafficking
    Karolien De Wael (UAntwerp) is developing a fast, reliable method for detecting drugs.

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