Smart health education

In an ever-changing world it is important that health care adapts to the available technology but also that technology adapts to the changing demand in medical care. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to use the existing technology, but also to ensure the development of new ideas and products for health care.

Smart Health’ is organized by the Center for Healthcare and Technology (CHaT) of the University of Antwerp, and is a unique 1-year postgraduate program that will let you acquire and develop skills that are needed to develop your ideas into new health care technology and products. During this program you will take all necessary steps to convert your ideas into new technological health care products. Experienced lecturers will guide you to develop your project. Medical, legal, (health-)economic and technological issues will be addressed throughout the program. The program is organized by the Center for Health and Technology (UAntwerp) in cooperation with health tech companies and will take place in Belgium’s number-one Smart City Antwerp but will also contain online learning modules. 

Start: October 2020

Academic coordinator: Prof. Dirk Vissers

Provisional program:

Provisional program 'Smart Health'