Service analysis

The state-of-the-art equipment and associated expertise described in this section is accessible to third parties (companies, research institutions, governmental organizations) as well. The A-Sense Lab group offers reliable qualitative and quantitative characterization of various types of samples up to the trace level. Highly specific compositional data obtained by means of point measurements can be combined with analytical imaging in case of multilayered or heterogeneous samples.

Customers can request service agreements (with or without a non-disclosure clause) both for single measurements and more consistent series of experiments. Apart from that, more prolonged methodological research can also be elaborated in the framework of (partly) governmental funded projects. Please feel free to browse the available equipment and/or contact prof. dr. Karolien De Wael or Dr. Sara Melis for further information on samples, analyses and applicable rates. An overview of the offered services can be found in the download link below.