Publications in the spotlight

Pedes habent et non ambulabunt: mobility impairment in Merovingian Gaul
Laes Christian  
Travel, pilgrimage and social interaction from Antiquity to the Middle Ages / Kuuliala, J.; et al.-p. 183-204
Access to the trade : monopoly and mobility in European craft guilds in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Prak Maarten   Crowston Claire Haru   de Munck Bert   Kissane Christopher   Minns Chris   Schalk Ruben   Wallis Patrick  
Journal of social history - ISSN 0022-4529- (2020) p. 1-32
Workplace cultures
Stabel Peter  
A cultural history of work in the medieval age-p. 85-98
Urbanizing nature: actors and agency (dis)connecting cities and nature since 1500
Soens Tim   Schott Dieter   Toyka-Seid Michael   de Munck Bert  
New York, N.Y., Routledge, 2019,368 p.
de Munck Bert   Safley Max  
A cultural history of work in the early modern age-p. 1-15

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