Research Seminars 2018-2019

Upcoming seminars

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 12:30
    • Wouter Dessein - Columbia Business School
    • Title: Coordination and Organization Design: Theory and Micro-evidence - Wouter Dessein (Columbia University Desmond), Ho-Fu Lo (Santa Clara University), Chieko Minami (Kobe University)
    • Room: A.108
Econ@ua seminars 2018-2019

Econ@ua seminars 2018-2019

Second meeting of the new edition of ECON@UA - Friday, June 21, 2019 in room C.102.

For the second meeting of this year of ECON@UA, we once again put together a very interesting program:

15:00-15:40: Steven Van Passel (EM, FBE): “How do Western European farms behave and respond to climate change? A simultaneous irrigation-crop decision model,” joint with Janka Vanschoenwinkel and Mark Vancauteren.
15:40-16:20: Els Lecoutere (CSB): “Joint forces - The impact of intrahousehold cooperation on welfare in East African agricultural households,” joint with Bjorn Van Campenhout.

16:20:16:40: Coffee break

16:40-17:20: Stefan Angel (WU Vienna, visiting CSB): ""Making ends meet. Revisiting the minimum income question in EU-SILC."
17:20-18:00: Luca Merlino (Econ): “Social and economic inequality,” joint with Margherita Comola (PSE) and Edoardo Gallo (Cambridge).

18:00-…:  Discussion over drinks at a nearby pub (Barracuda, Lange Winkelstraat).

For organisational proposes, if you want to attend the event, you have to register before June 14 by answering this email.