Key publications

Imbalanced classification in sparse and large behaviour datasets
Vanhoeyveld Jellis   Martens David  
Data mining and knowledge discovery - ISSN 1384-5810-32:1 (2018) p. 25-82
The impact of policy on microgrid economics : a review
Milis Kevin   Peremans Herbert   Van Passel Steven  
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews - ISSN 1364-0321-81:2 (2018) p. 3111-3119
Vulnerability assessment of chemical facilities to intentional attacks based on Bayesian Network
Argenti Francesca   Landucci Gabriele   Reniers Genserik   Cozzani Valerio  
Reliability engineering and system safety - ISSN 0951-8320-169 (2018) p. 515-530
Prediction in a risk analysis context : implications for selecting a risk perspective in practical applications
Goerlandt Floris   Reniers Genserik  
Safety science - ISSN 0925-7535-101 (2018) p. 344-351
Cost-effective fire protection of chemical plants against domino effects
Khakzad Nima   Landucci Gabriele   Cozzani Valerio   Reniers Genserik   Pasman Hans  
Reliability engineering and system safety - ISSN 0951-8320-169 (2018) p. 412-421

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