PhD theses

The following PhD theses were carried out in the Laboratory of Physiopharmacology and successfully defended at the University of Antwerp to obtain the degree of Doctor in Pharmaceutical or Medical Sciences.

Zarha Vermeulen (2017): The protective role of NRG-1/ErbB signaling during tissue fibrosis
Promotors: Gilles De Keulenaer, Vincent Segers

Bieke Van der Veken (2017): Novel approaches in the prevention and treatment of intra-plaque neovascularization and ischaemic heart disease in mice
Promotors: Wim Martinet, Guido De Meyer

Ammar Kurdi (2017): Pharmacological modulation of autophagy in experimental atherosclerosis and cancer
Promotors: Wim Martinet, Guido De Meyer

Miche Rombouts (2016): Conventional dendritic cells in atherosclerosis: from pathogenic players to targets for therapy?
Promotors: Dorien Schrijvers, Nathalie Cools

Koen Marien (2016): The search for a predictive tissue biomarker for response to colon cancer therapy with bevacizumab
Promotors: Guido De Meyer, Mark Kockx

Cédéric Michiels (2016): Role of autophagy in the normal and atherosclerotic vessel wall
Promotors: Guido De Meyer, Wim Martinet

Mandy Grootaert (2016): Inhibition of apoptosis, autophagy and necrosis in atherosclerosis: potential strategies for plaque stabilisation?
Promotors: Wim Martinet, Dorien Schrijvers

Leni Vandekerckhove (2016): Therapeutic effects of neuregulin-1 in kidney disease
Promotors: Gilles De Keulenaer, Vincent Segers

Lynn Roth (2015): The ApoE-/-Fbn1C1039G+/- mouse model of atherosclerotic plaque rupture: responsiveness to human risk factors and therapies
Promotors: Guido De Meyer, Wim Martinet

Carole Van der Donckt (2014): The ApoE-/- Fbn1C1039G+/- mouse as a novel model of atherosclerotic plaque rupture
Promotors: Guido De Meyer, Wim Martinet

Anne-Sophie Hervent (2014): Targeting endothelium-cardiomyocyte communication to treat cardiac dysfunction: studies in mice with diastolic dysfunction
Promotor: Gilles De Keulenaer

Johanna van Langen (2014): Basal activity and regulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase in the mouse aorta
Promotor: Hidde Bult; co-promotor: Paul Fransen

Inge De Meyer (2012): Selective induction of autophagic macrophage death in atherosclerotic plaques: a suitable approach for plaque stabilization?
Promotors: Guido De Meyer, Wim Martinet
Ilse Van Brussel (2011): Dendritic cells in human atherosclerosis: focus on dendritic cell activation & oxidative stress.
Promotor: Christiaan Vrints; co-promotors: Hidde Bult, Johan Bosmans
Kris Doggen (2011): Role of endothelium-controlled paracrine communication in the ventricle during cardiac dysfunction and failure
Promotor: Gilles De Keulenaer
Jozef Van Herck (2009): The vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque in animal models
Promotors: Christiaan Vrints, Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Guido De Meyer
Valerie Croons (2009): Induction of macrophage death as a strategy to stabilize atherosclerotic plaques
Promotors: Guido De Meyer, Wim Martinet
Emily Van Vré (2009): Dendritic cells in human atherosclerosis: an in vivo and in vitro study
Promotor: Johan Bosmans; co-promotors: Hidde Bult, Christiaan Vrints
Vincent Segers (2008): Cardiac regeneration: the role of cardiac endothelium, stromal cell derived factor-1 and renewal of cardiomyocytes
Promotor: Gilles De Keulenaer
Tim Van de Parre (2007): Role of amyloid precursor protein and uncoupling protein 2 in atherosclerosis
Promotors: Guido De Meyer; co-promotor: Wim Martinet
Pieter-Jan Guns (2007): Study of the involvement of purinergic receptors in the development of atherosclerotic plaques in the mouse
Promotor: Hidde Bult; co-promotor: Guido De Meyer
Tim Van Assche (2007): Aortic smooth muscle cell function before and during atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice
Promotor: Hidde Bult; co-promotor: Paul Fransen
Dorien Schrijvers (2007): Cell death and phagocytosis in atherosclerosis: implications for plaque stability
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Wim Martinet
Katrien Lemmens (2006): Endothelial neuregulin-1 as a paracrine modulator of adult myocardial function
Promotor: Gilles De Keulenaer
Dominique Jans (2005): Role of amyloid precursor protein in atherosclerosis
Promotor: Guido De Meyer; co-promotors: Wim Martinet, Mark Kockx
Stefan Verheye (2004): Detection and local treatment of atherosclerotic plaques with unstable phenotype: a study by means of intravascular thermography and drug-eluting stents
Promotor: Guido De Meyer; co-promotor: Mark Kockx
Herta Crauwels (2004) Impact of hypercholesterolemia and atherogenesis on endothelium-dependent relaxations: an experimental study in alolipoprotein E-deficient mice
Promotor: Hidde Bult; co-promotor: Arnold Herman
Koen Salu (2003): Local delivery of actin skeleton inhibitors in the prevention of in-stent restenosis: an experimental animal study
Promotors: Christiaan Vrints, Hidde Bult, Johan Bosmans
Inge Geerts (2000): Pathogenesis of the vascular hypersensitivity to serotonin: experimental studies in the rabbit carotid artery
Promotor: Hidde Bult; co-promotor: Arnold Herman
Ruben Zamora (1998): The biological chemistry of nitric oxide (NO) and NO donors in the vasculature and in macrophages
Promotor: Arnold Herman
Kathelijne Matthys (1997): Effects of oxidized low-density lipoproteins in relation to nitric oxide synthase and atherosclerosis
Promotor: Hidde Bult; co-promotor: Arnold Herman
Johan Bosmans (1996): Restenosis after coronary balloon angioplasty: a clinical, experi­mental and pharmacological evaluation
Promotor: Hidde Bult
Marc Van Diest (1996): Vascular reactivity to 15-lipoxygenase metabolites of arachidonic acid in relation with early experimental atherosclerosis
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Tony Verbeuren
Brigitte Loenders (1995): Modulation of the cholinergic neurotransmission in the respiratory system
Promotor: Arnold Herman
Walter Verstrepen (1995): Acute renal failure in the rat: temporal and spatial distribution patterns of tubular injury, cell proliferation and infiltration in relation to endogenous growth factor expression
Promotors: Marc De Broe, Etienne Nouwen; co-promotor: Arnold Herman
Xiao-Jie Feng (1994): Endothelial viability after cryopreservation and disinfection of heart valves
Promotors: Arnold Herman, Paul Walter
Philippe Jorens (1993): Nitric oxide and interleukin-8: two mediators released by pulmonary macrophages.
Promotors: Wilfried De Backer, Leo Bossaert, Arnold Herman
Nancy Van Osselaer (1993): Mechanisms involved in neutrophil infiltration and increase in vascular permeability during inflammation
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Marc Rampart
Mark Kockx (1993): Spontaneous and induced intima formation in blood vessels
Promotor: Arnold Herman
Guido De Meyer (1991): Endothelium-derived vasoactive substances and early atherosclerosis: study of the vascular reactivity during the formation of a neo-intima
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Hidde Bult
Christiaan Vrints (1991): Effects of atherosclerosis on coronary vascular reactivity: importance of endothelium-dependent vasodilation
Promotors: Arnold Herman, Hidde Bult, Joseph Snoeck
Ilse Deckers (1989): Measurement and modulation of acetylcholine release from isolated bronchial tree segments
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Gert Laekeman
Frank Peeters (1989): The release of acetylcholine by the bronchi is prostaglandin-mediated
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Hidde Bult
Paul Pelckmans (1988): study on the sphincteric nature of the ileocecal junction: a morphological and pharmacological approach
Promotors: Norbert Buyssens, Yvan Van Maercke, Toon Verbeuren
Vera Van De Velde (1984): Study of the mechanisms involved in regulation of prostacyclin biosynthesis
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Hidde Bult
Johan Beetens (1983): Influence of vitamin C on the biosynthesis of prostacyclin
Promotor: Arnold Herman
Marie-Claire Coene (1983): Characterization and pharmacodynamic evaluation of monohydroxy derivatives of arachidonic acid and linoleic acid
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Magda Claeys
Marc Rampart (1983): Effect of complement activation on prostacyclin production
Promotor: Arnold Herman; co-promotor: Hidde Bult
Gert Laekeman (1980): Pharmacological study of the Schultz-Dale reaction
Promotor: Arnold Herman


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