Genomics in Medicine - GENOMED

GENOMED (GENOmics in MEDicine)

The centre of excellence GENOMED (GENOmics in MEDince) conducts genomic research by using  a mulit-omics approach to conrtibute to the genetic basis of and elucidation of the pathophysiology of commona and rare disorders.

The general aim of the consortium is to strengthen the emerging research domain 'Proteomics, Genomics and Metabolomics' of the university of Antwerp.

Principal Investigators GENOMED

Prof. Dr. Geert Mortier (FGGW, MEDGEN)

Prof. Dr. Bart Loeys (FGGW, MEDGEN)

Prof. Dr. Guy Van Camp (FBD, HMG)

Prof. Dr. Wim Van Hul (FBD, MGENOS)

Prof. Dr. Frank Kooy (FBD, COGNET)

Prof. Dr. Lut Van Laer (FGGW, MEDGEN)