The 64th annual conference of the International Communication Association was organised in San Juan, Puerto Rico (May 21-25, 2015). The following studies of MIOS researchers were presented at the conference:

Sexual Harassment on Social Networking Sites: Exploring Adolescent Views

by Kathleen Van Royen, Karolien Poels,  Heidi Vandebosch

Dark Triad Personality Traits and Adolescent Cyber-Aggression

by Sara Pabian, Charlotte De Backer, Heidi Vandebosch 

Short-Term Longitudinal Relationships Between Adolescents' (Cyber)bullying Involvement and Social Anxiety 

by Sara Pabian & Heidi Vandebosch

Children and Advertising on Social Network Games: A Structural Equation Model of Parental Media Mediation, Advertising Literacy, and Pester Intent. 

by Ini Vanwesenbeeck, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet

Older and Wiser? Privacy Concern and Protection of Facebook Users in the Life Stages of Adulthood

by Evert Van den Broeck, Karolien Poels, Michel Walrave 

Harmonizing Freedom and Protection: Adolescents’ Voices on Automatic Monitoring of Social Networking Sites

by Kathleen Van Royen & Karolien Poels

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