The 65th annual conference of the International Communication Association was organised in Fukuoka, Japan (June 9-13, 2016). The following studies of MIOS researchers were presented at the conference (for more information, please contact the authors):

Adolescents’ Online Peer Support on Cyberbullying: A Thematic Analysis of Online Support Group Fora. 

by Sara Bastiaensens, Katrien Van Cleemput, Heidi Vandebosch, Karolien Poels (UAntwerp); Ann DeSmet & Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij (UGhent)

Nice or Naughty? Adolescents' Online Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior. 

by Sara Erreygers, Heidi Vandebosch (UAntwerp); Ivana Vranjes, Elfi Baillien, Hans De Witte (KULeuven)

Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Adolescents’ Acceptance of Online Friendship Requests Sent by Online Strangers.

by Wannes Heirman, Anne Vermeulen, Kris Hardies 

Information Processing Style Moderates the Effect of Input Device on Pre- and Postpurchase Product Evaluations. 

by Suzanne Overmars, Karolien Poels 

Short-Term, Middle-Term, and Long-Term Effectiveness of Coping Strategies Among Adolescent Victims of Cyberbullying.

by Sara Pabian

A Short-Term Longitudinal Investigation of the Role of Perceived Parental and Teacher Norms in Predicting Adolescents’ Cyberbullying Bystander Behavior. 

by Sara Pabian 

Exposure to Cyberbullying as a Bystander: An Investigation of Desensitization Effects Among Early Adolescents. 

by Sara Pabian, Heidi Vandebosch, Katrien Van Cleemput, Sara Bastiaensens 

Effects of Different Model Sizes in an Online Clothing Store on Self- and Product Evaluations. 

by Karolien Poels, Suzanne Overmars, Shanice Engel

Narrative Methods in Research and Interventions on Cyberbullying. 

by Heidi Vandebosch

The Effects of Personal and Socioeconomic Characteristics on the Sharing of Personal Information About School on Facebook. 

by Ellen Van Gool,  Joris Van Ouytsel, Koen Ponnet, Michel Walrave

Sexting: Adolescents' Perceptions of the Motives and Consequences of Engaging in the Behavior. 

by Joris Van Ouytsel, Ellen Van Gool, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet

Exploring Adolescents’ Views on Social Networking Sites’ Role Within Adolescent Romantic Relationships and Dating Experiences. 

by Joris Van Ouytsel, Ellen Van Gool, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet 

Prevalence and Characteristics of Online Slut-Shaming in Belgian Adolescent Girls

by Kathleen Van Royen & Karolien Poels 

“I Feel … #happy #annoyed”: Experiencing and Regulating Emotions on Social Media. 

by Anne Vermeulen, Wannes Heirman 

For more information about the studies, please contact the authors