New publications from MIOS researchers

Our publications cover a variety of topical issues including gaming, cyberbullying, (online) marketing and social network sites. 

Hereafter you'll find a list of the team's articles and book chapters. More information can be found on the journals' websites and by contacting the authors

Key publications

Measuring and improving safety culture in organisations : an exploration of tools developed and used in Belgium
van Nunen Karolien   Reniers Genserik   Ponnet Koen  
Journal of risk research - ISSN 1366-9877-21:5 (2018) p. 622-644
When workplace bullying goes online : construction and validation of the Inventory of Cyberbullying Acts at Work (ICA-W)
Vranjes Ivana   Baillien Elfi   Vandebosch Heidi   Erreygers Sara   De Witte Hans  
European journal of work and organizational psychology - ISSN 1359-432X-27:1 (2018) p. 28-39
Bibliometric analysis of safety culture research
van Nunen Karolien   Li Jie   Reniers Genserik   Ponnet Koen  
Safety science - ISSN 0925-7535-108 (2018) p. 248-258
An integrative conceptual framework for safety culture : The Egg Aggregated Model (TEAM) of safety culture
Vierendeels Geert   Reniers Genserik   van Nunen Karolien   Ponnet Koen  
Safety science - ISSN 0925-7535-103 (2018) p. 323-339
The interplay of negative experiences, emotions and affective styles in adolescents' cybervictimization : a moderated mediation analysis
Erreygers Sara   Vandebosch Heidi   Vranjes Ivana   Baillien Elfi   De Witte Hans  
Computers in human behavior - ISSN 0747-5632-81 (2018) p. 223-234

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