Key publications

Zn-catalyzed tert-butyl nicotinate-directed amide cleavage as a biomimic of metallo-exopeptidase activity
Wybon Clarence   Mensch Carl   Hollanders Karlijn   Gadais Charlène   Herrebout Wouter   Ballet Steven   Maes Bert  
ACS catalysis - ISSN 2155-5435-8:1 (2018) p. 203-218
Dimers or trimers? A characterization of the halogen bonded complexes of $CF_{3}X$ (X = I or Br) with dimethyl ether and acetone in cryosolutions
De Beuckeleer Liene   Herrebout Wouter  
Spectrochimica acta: part A: molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy - ISSN 1386-1425-171 (2017) p. 60-71
Taking the halogen bonding-hydrogen bonding competition one step further : complexes of difluoroiodomethane with trimethylphosphine, dimethyl sulfide and chloromethane
Geboes Yannick   De Proft Frank   Herrebout Wouter  
Acta Crystallographica. Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials (Online) - ISSN 2052-5206-73:2 (2017) p. 168-178
Molecular modeling and structural characterization of a high glycinetyrosine hair keratin associated protein
Singh Rakesh S.   Palmer Jeremy C.   Pudney Paul D.A.   Johannessen Christian   Debenedetti Pablo G.   Raut Janhavi   Lee Ken   Noro Massimo   Tiemessen David   Paul Prem K. C.  
Physical chemistry, chemical physics - ISSN 1463-9076-19:12 (2017) p. 8575-8583
Unravelling a direct role for polysaccharide β-strands in the higher order structure of physical hydrogels
Rüther Anja   Forget Aurelien   Roy Anjan   Carballo Carolina   Mieβmer Florian   Dukor Rina K.   Nafie Laurence A.   Johannessen Christian   Shastri Prasad   Lüdeke Steffen  
Angewandte Chemie: international edition in English - ISSN 1433-7851-56:16 (2017) p. 4603-4607

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