Natural Products and Food Research and Analysis

Key publications

Laura Peeters; Anastasia Van der Auwera; Charlie Beirnaert; Sebastiaan Bijttebier; Kris Laukens; Luc Pieters; Nina Hermans; Kenn Foubert. Compound Characterization and Metabolic Profile Elucidation After in Vitro Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Biotransformation of an Herniaria hirsuta Extract Using Unbiased Dynamic Metabolomic Data Analysis. Metabolites 10, 111 (26 pages) (2020)

Tuenter Emmy; Delbaere Claudia; De Winne Ann; Bijttebier Sebastiaan; Custers Deborah; Foubert Kenn; Van Durme Jim; Messens Kathy; Dewettinck Koen; Pieters Luc. Non-volatile and Volatile Composition of West African Bulk and Ecuadorian Fine-flavor Cocoa Liquor and Chocolate. Food Research International 130, 108943 (11 pages) (2020) 

Andrés Rivera-Mondragón; Sebastiaan Bijttebier; Emmy Tuenter; Deborah Custers; Orlando Ortíz; Luc Pieters; Catherina Caballero-George; Sandra Apers; Kenn Foubert. Phytochemical Characterization and Comparative Studies of Four Cecropia species Collected in Panama using Multivariate Data Analysis. Scientific Reports 9: 1763 (14 pages) (2019)

Dendooven Ella; Foubert Kenn; Naessens Tania; Pieters Luc; Lambert Julien; Aerts Olivier. Periocular Contact Allergy from Spectacle Frames Cleaned with Methylisothiazolinone-containing Household Detergents. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology / European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 33:11, E412-E413 (2019)

Laura Peeters; Charlie Beirnaert; Anastasia Van der Auwera; Sebastiaan Bijttebier; Kris Laukens; Luc Pieters; Nina Hermans; Kenn Foubert. Hederacoside C as a Model Compound for an Innovative Concept to Disclose Metabolic Pathways in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract. Journal of Chromatography A 1595, 240-247 (2019)

Nina Hermans; Anastasia Van der Auwera; Annelies Breynaert; Annelies Verlaet; Tess De Bruyne, Luc Van Gaal; Luc Pieters; Veronique Verhoeven. A red yeast rice - olive extract supplement reduces biomarkers of oxidative stress, OxLDL and Lp-PLA2, in subjects with metabolic syndrome: a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial. Trials 18, 302 (2017) (8 pages)

Emmy Tuenter, Kenn Foubert, Dan Staerk, Sandra Apers, Luc Pieters. Isolation and structure elucidation of cyclopeptide alkaloids from Ziziphus nummularia and Ziziphus spina-christi by HPLC-DAD-MS and HPLC-PDA-(HRMS)-SPE-NMR. Phytochemistry 138, 163-169 (2017)

Yancho Zarev, Kenn Foubert, Vera Lucia de Almeida, Roel Anthonissen, Esameldin Elgorashi, Sandra Apers, Iliana Ionkova, Luc Verschaeve, Luc Pieters. Antigenotoxic prenylated flavonoids from stem bark of Erythrina latissima. Phytochemistry 141, 140 - 146 (2017)

Kenn Foubert, Taposh Gorella, Ahmad Faizal, Paul Cos, Louis Maes, Sandra Apers, Danny Geelen, Luc Pieters. Triterpenoid saponins from Maesa argentea leaves. Planta Med. 82, 1568-1575 (2016)

Annelies Breynaert, Ariane Kahnt, Douwina Bosscher, Magda Claeys, Paul Cos, Luc Pieters, Nina Hermans. Development and validation of the GIDM-colon: an in vitro experimental gastrointestinal dialysis model with colon phase to study the availability and colonic metabolisation of polyphenolic compounds. Planta Med. 81, 1075-1083 (2015)