Publications in the spotlight

Revised macro-cracking criterion for massive non-reinforced self-compacting concrete structures under thermal load based on extensive experimental testing and field observations
Craeye Bart   Areias Lou   Van Geet Maarten   Babaei Saeid  
Rheology and Processing of Construction Materials : RheoCon2 & SCC9 / Mechtcherine, Viktor [edit.]-p. 527-535
A multiscale framework to estimate water sorption isotherms for OPC-based materials
Babaei Saeid   Seetharam S.C.   Mühlich Uwe   Dizier A.   Steenackers Gunther   Craeye Bart  
Cement and concrete composites - ISSN 0958-9465-105 (2020)
Personalized hip joint kinetics during deep squatting in young, athletic adults
Van Houcke Jan   Galibarov Pavel E.   Van Acker Gilles   Fauconnier Sigrid   Allaert Ellen   Van Hoof Tom   Almeida Diogo F.   Steenackers Gunther   Pattyn Christophe   Audenaert Emmanuel  
Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering - ISSN 1025-5842-23:1 (2020)
A dynamic control system for aerobic granular sludge reactors treating high COD/P wastewater, using pH and DO sensors
De Vleeschauwer Flinn   Caluwé Michel   Dobbeleers Thomas   Stes Hannah   Dockx Lennert   Kiekens Filip   Copot Cosmin   Dries Jan  
Journal of Water Process Engineering - ISSN 2214-7144-33 (2020) p. 1-6
3D defect detection using weighted principal component thermography
Sels Seppe   Bogaerts Boris   Verspeek Simon   Ribbens Bart   Steenackers Gunther   Penne Rudi   Vanlanduit Steve  
Optics and lasers in engineering - ISSN 0143-8166-128 (2020)
Separating positional noise from neutral alignment in multicomponent statistical shape models
Audenaert Emmanuel   Van den Eynde J.   de Almeida D.F.   Steenackers Gunther   Vandermeulen D.   Claes P.  
Bone Reports - ISSN 23521872-12 (2020)
Structural intensity analysis on irregular shells
Sempertegui Maldonado Pires Felipe   Vanlanduit Steve   Dirckx Joris  
Transactions of the ASME: journal of vibration and acoustics - ISSN 1048-9002-141:1 (2019)
The interaction effect between vibrations and temperature simulating truck transport on the flavor stability of beer
Paternoster Alexander   Jaskula-Goiris Barbara   De Causmaecker Brecht   Vanlanduit Steve   Springael Johan   Braet Johan   De Rouck Gert   De Cooman Luc  
Journal of the science of food and agriculture - ISSN 0022-5142-99:5 (2019) p. 2165-2174
Hydronic design of cogeneration in collective residential heating systems : state-of-the-art, comparison and improvements
Van Riet Freek   Janssen Eddy   Steenackers Gunther   Verhaert Ivan  
Applied thermal engineering: design, processes, equipment, economics - ISSN 1359-4311-148 (2019) p. 1246-1257
An exact robust method to localize a known sphere by means of one image
Penne Rudi   Ribbens Bart   Roios Pedro  
International journal of computer vision - ISSN 0920-5691-127:8 (2019) p. 1012-1024

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