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Entity realism and singularist semirealism
Nanay Bence  
Synthese : an international journal for epistemology, methodology and philosophy of science - ISSN 0039-7857-196:2 (2019) p. 499-517
The fragmentary model of temporal experience and the mirroring constraint
Viera Gerardo  
PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES - ISSN 0031-8116-176:1 (2019) p. 21-44
Heuristics versus norms: on the relativistic responses to the Kaufmann experiments
Potters Jan  
Studies in history and philosophy of modern physics - ISSN 1355-2198-66 (2019) p. 69-89
Stabilization of phenomenon and meaning : on the London & London episode as a historical case in philosophy of science
Potters Jan  
European Journal for Philosophy of Science - ISSN 1879-4912-9:2 (2019)
White dreams are made of colours : what studying contentless dreams can teach about the neural basis of dreaming and conscious experiences
Fazekas Peter   Nemeth Georgina   Overgaard Morten  
Sleep medicine reviews - ISSN 1087-0792-43 (2019) p. 84-91

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