About us

What is the Postcolonial Research Group?

Founded in 1998, the Postcolonial Research Group (PoCo) of the University of Antwerp specialises in the study of postcolonial literatures in European languages. "Postcolonial" is understood in its broad(est) sense as literatures from the ex-colonies, in their various oppositional and counter-hegemonic poetics of hybridisation and dislocation. The faculty members of UA and other (associated) researchers seek to map out convergences and divergences between different postcolonial narratives and traditions, transcending geographic and linguistic borders.

Therefore, a comparative approach will be one of the major tools used to highlight the specificities in form, style, and content of literatures from the African diaspora (in the Caribbean, Canada, America and Europe), as well as other regions in which art and more precisely literature manifests itself through a dialectic negotiation of power and counter-hegemony.

Who are we?

The PoCo is coordinated by Kathleen Gyssels of the Department of Literature at the University of Antwerp.

A full list of our members, as well as their contact and publication details.