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Joint research group

The laboratory of Pharmacology (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) and Physiopharmacology (Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences) represents one joint research group that bundles its expertise to focus on cardiovascular disease. 

Research consortia

The research group Physiopharmacology is part of the Infla-Med Research Consortium of Excellence and partner in the MOGLYNET-H2020 PhD programme.


Key publications

  • Autophagy in vascular disease. De Meyer et al. Circ Res. 2015. 116:468-79.
  • Elastin fragmentation in atherosclerotic mice leads to intra-plaque neovascularization, plaque rupture, myocardial infarction, stroke and sudden death. Van der Donckt et al. Eur Heart J. 2015;36:1049-58.
  • Cardiac endothelium-myocyte interaction: clinical opportunities for new heart failure therapies regardless of ejection fraction. Lim et al. Eur Heart J. 2015;36:2050-60


Prof. dr. Guido De Meyer
Campus Drie Eiken
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Tel. +32 3 265 27 37


Prof. dr. Pieter-Jan Guns
Campus Drie Eiken - Gebouw T2
Lokaal 2.22
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Tel. +32 3 265 25 85