Key publications

Advantages of a validated UPLCMS/MS standard addition method for the quantification of A-type dimeric and trimeric proanthocyanidins in cranberry extracts in comparison with well-known quantification methods
van Dooren Ines   Foubert Kenn   Theunis Mart   Naessens Tania   Pieters Luc   Apers Sandra  
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis - ISSN 0731-7085-148 (2018) p. 32-41
Toxicogenomics of the flame retardant tris (2-butoxyethyl) phosphate in HepG2 cells using RNA-seq
Krivoshiev Boris V.   Beemster Gerrit   Sprangers Katrien   Cuypers Bart   Laukens Kris   Blust Ronny   Husson Steven  
Toxicology in vitro - ISSN 0887-2333-46 (2018) p. 178-188
Protein complex analysis : from raw protein lists to protein interaction networks
Meysman Pieter   Titeca Kevin   Eyckerman Sven   Tavernier Jan   Goethals Bart   Martens Lennart   Valkenborg Dirk   Laukens Kris  
Mass spectrometry reviews - ISSN 0277-7037-36:5 (2017) p. 600-614
Computational quality control tools for mass spectrometry proteomics
Bittremieux Wout   Valkenborg Dirk   Martens Lennart   Laukens Kris  
Proteomics - ISSN 1615-9853-17:3-4 (2017)
Mixture toxicity of copper, cadmium, and zinc to barley seedlings is not explained by antioxidant and oxidative stress biomarkers
Versieren Liske   Evers Steffie   Abd Elgawad Hamada   Asard Han   Smolders Erik  
Environmental toxicology and chemistry - ISSN 0730-7268-36:1 (2017) p. 220-230

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