Key publications

Frequency domain weighted nonlinear least squares estimation of parameter-varying differential equations
Goos Jan   Lataire John   Louarroudi Ebrahim   Pintelon Rik  
Automatica - ISSN 0005-1098-75 (2017) p. 191-199
Time-variant frequency response function measurement of multivariate time-variant systems operating in feedback
Pintelon Rik   Louarroudi Ebrahim   Lataire John  
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement - ISSN 0018-9456-66:1 (2017) p. 177-190
Time calibration of thermal rolling shutter infrared cameras
Peeters Jeroen   Louarroudi Ebrahim   De Greef DaniĆ«l   Vanlanduit Steve   Dirckx Joris   Steenackers Gunther  
Infrared physics and technology - ISSN 1350-4495-80 (2017) p. 145-152
On the correct use of stepped-sine excitations for the measurement of time-varying bioimpedance
Louarroudi Ebrahim   Sanchez Benjamin  
Physiological measurement - ISSN 0967-3334-38:2 (2017) p. N73-N80
The performance of beer packaging : vibration damping and thermal insulation
Paternoster Alexander   Van Camp Jelle   Vanlanduit Steve   Weeren Arie   Springael Johan   Braet Johan  
Food Packaging and Shelf Life - ISSN 2214-2894-11 (2017) p. 91-97

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