'The student needs are taken into account'

I pursued a B.A. in English and Sociology and a Master’s degree in International Relations. I chose the University of Antwerp because of its conflict track in the Master in Governance and Development, which suits my interest and builds upon my further degrees.

The academic programme takes place in a very cosmopolitan environment since my fellow students come from almost every continent. The environment for studying is good, the university is well organized and there is not only a well-equipped library but also computer rooms you can use for research and a hospitable and accommodating staff to assist students. Furthermore, there is a lot of information and teaching material provided through Black Board, a learning platform. 

Also the lecturers are easily accessible and you get usually a fast response from them. If there are any problems, there is a student committee that discusses that with the lecturers and they are always trying to make it work somehow. I have the feeling that the needs of the students are really taken into account here and they are considered to be a major stakeholder in the teaching and learning process.

'A good training for my future job'
The master programme at the Institute of Development Policy and Management is a really intensive programme. It is fully packed so you need to work really hard. But it doesn’t differ much from my last studies and it’s certainly nothing you can’t manage since we are going step by step and in the end it’s a good training for your future job . I consider it as a great opportunity to be here and am glad to receive the VLIR-UOS scholarship and want to live up to expectations.

I like the life and culture in Belgium. It’s a nice and interesting country and I am fascinated how pretty peaceful  it’s here despite the polarization. By that I don’t mean war, but authorities that are actually working together. That’s an attitude I would like to take home with me. That is, no matter our ethnic, political and religious among other differences, we can still work together to build our nation.

There are a lot of things to do and see in Antwerp, but what you should definitely visit is the port, the Central Station and the Meir. The shopping streets are worth a closer look. My favorite place however is the Irish Pub, next to the Central Station, which is our place of excitement. But there’s certainly something to do for everyone in this city!