​Labs and classes are taught by researchers using cutting-edge technologies

The University of Antwerp is located in one of the most important and busiest EU ports, which is promising for opportunities in terms of interesting internships within international firms with multi-cultural atmosphere.

For instance, I had the chance of conducting my master’s thesis in Alcatel-Lucent Corporation, one of the giants in IT. Another plus is that the tuition fees are quite affordable.

Computer Science department is located in a relatively modern and new building with big labs and sufficient facilities. Besides, professors are very knowledgeable; it’s worth mentioning that a few of them are globally known in their own field. Labs and technical classes are taught by (post)doctoral researchers using cutting-edge technologies, which I liked the most. The curriculum is also adjusted to the hot topics within the industry and academic world, which guarantees your future job perspectives.

I advise international student to study as much as possible in order to catch up with Belgian classmates. The level of education and research at UAntwerp is high and you might experience some knowledge gaps. It’s good to be do-it-yourself. But if something is unclear, ask your professor or the teaching assistant. They are really friendly and helpful. Do all of your assignments and never ever postpone an exam for the second session. Lecturers are quite friendly people; but when it comes to official assessments, they’re very strict and serious.

Studying the M.Sc. in Computer Science might seem difficult and impossible at first. But it gets easier and smoother after becoming familiar with the environment and the teaching pace. The important point is to never give up! Studying here feels sometimes like a full-time job but the outcome of this effort is promising, trust me.

Professionally speaking, I easily managed to find a suitable job right after my graduation thanks to all the knowledge that I acquired during the lectures and labs. My technical/scientific arguments during the job interviews were convincing for recruiters. And now at my job, I benefit from some other attributes which I acquired during my study such as can-do attitude, hard working, sense of team-working, etc. These attitudes are crucial and must-have if you want to secure a good position.