The study programme offers opportunities to experience 'real-life politics'

Johannes ten Hoor is one of the successful graduates from the Netherlands (2016). He currently works as a junior consultant at Berenschot, one of the leading Dutch consultancy firms.

"Before I came to Antwerp, I studied philosophy in the Netherlands, with a focus on political philosophy. This Master's programme was very theoretical, and I wanted to improve my empirical research skills. In the Master of Political Science, I had the opportunity to do research on the topics of my interest (democratic participation, political institutions and representation).

Besides the fact that Antwerp is a beautiful city with a beautiful university, I liked the fact that the standards of education at the University of Antwerp are high – both for staff and students. I really liked the classes in smaller groups, and the fact that professors teach on their own (ongoing) research. And last but not least: the opportunity to participate in EuroSim (European Negotiation Seminar) - one of the biggest EU-simulations in the world - was a great pleasure, and a wonderful opportunity to experience 'real-life politics'. It is important that academic education also has attention for practical skills.

As a consultant I do a lot of research for our customers, and I write a lot of reports. So, sometimes it still feels a bit like I am an academic… Academic research and writing skills are a must in my position. And, besides this general note, I work a lot for (local) governments and public organizations. It is really helpful that I understand the political structures and the dynamics of policymaking. And last but not least, negotiation and debating skills are also a big asset to my work, for instance when I have to create support among several Councilors. Events like EuroSim (European Negotiation Seminar) really helped me to improve these skills!"