The classes were small, and the courses were, most of the time, quite interactive

"After studying for three years at the University of Saint-Louis, in Brussels, I decided to come to Antwerp to continue my education in political science. The one-year Master program was perfect for me because I wanted to continue studying afterward to specialize in development studies. Still, I did not feel ready yet academically speaking to engage with this kind of study. I wanted first to complete my formation in political science before turning in another direction.

The classes were small, and the courses were, most of the time, quite interactive. Besides, the content of the sessions was, for the most part, intellectually challenging, which I believe showcases the level of education of the University of Antwerp. One of my favorite courses was the European Negotiation Seminar, in which I had the privilege to simulate a negotiation of the European Union — the EuroSim. With my entire class, we had to travel to New York State to attend the simulation. It was such a unique experience. I definitely recommend it to anybody who would like to improve their negotiation skills.

I also got the opportunity to work as a student assistant for a short while. I really enjoyed working on an academic project with one of my professors because, for the first time, I felt valued as a student. Indeed, I could finally put the skills I have had acquired from the previous years into practice. I have to admit that it felt very fulfilling. The University of Antwerp knows how to empower their students, and it is partially due to the fact that professors and students know each other.

Last but not least, I could follow Dutch classes on the side of my studies for an affordable price through the language center of the university, Linguapolis. My knowledge and understanding of the language improved a lot. It is a real asset to be able to speak multiple languages, especially if one wants to enter the Belgian labor market.

I am pleased that I was able to follow the Master in Political Science. It prepared me very well for my second Master in Development Studies."