'Coming to study at the UAntwerp is a huge challenge since the level of education here is quite high.'

Education at UAntwerp

Professors here are incredible. They do a lot of research and they are very involved in what they do. As for the programme I really like it because it’s a research programme. This means students have to develop all the contents, it is not just about studying the material given for the exam. It is a lot of work but it is definitely worth it. Another thing that I like is that we have two research internships during the master programme, and in this way I get in contact with people who do research and create the science, which is a great opportunity for me. An interesting thing is that the PhD students at UAntwerp can help us if we need academic assistance. They create the assignments we have to do so their support is really helpful, since they are experts in the topic.

Why University of Antwerp?
UAntwerp is among the best 200 universities in the engineering field so I checked the programmes on offer. I found the Master in Computer Science interesting and I really liked it since it’s related to data science. Also it is a two-year master programme and that’s what I was looking for. So basically I chose UAntwerp because of the ranking, the programme content and also because of the relatively easy application procedure.

About the University of Antwerp
The thing I like the most here is the high level of education. Of course this means I have to work a lot but at the same time it is a great opportunity to develop myself. Also the university campuses are very nice, including Middelheim campus (where the Master in Computer Science is taught) and Stadscampus in the historic centre of Antwerp.

The city and the people
I found Antwerp a nice city where you can get in touch with a lot of international people which is quite good. I met students from all over Europe and there were a few from Latin America also. A funny thing that I remember is that in the beginning I used to get lost all the time, like for three hours in the city, but as I said, this was just in the beginning. I also have to say that the public transport here works very well and is very well organized. As for the people they may seem less friendly at first, but they are always helpful and ready to answer your questions. I would say that Belgians are really polite, but it’s not that easy to become friends with them. The lifestyle here is also something to be taken into account. If you want to attend a party in my country you have to wait until the weekend, but here there are student parties every day, so you will always have things to do, you will not get bored for sure. And of course, I have to mention the Belgian beer, there are hundreds of types of beer. 

Benefits of your studies at UAntwerp
I’ll go back to Ecuador with a European degree in my pocket which is a great asset. It will give me a good status and I am sure it will provide a lot of opportunities. For example, the Master’s degree from UAntwerp allows me to become a university professor in my country, if I should choose an academic career. Going to study abroad is about learning who you are and how to manage your life. You move to a country you’re not familiar with, you don’t know anyone and especially in the beginning you have nobody to rely on but yourself. This was a huge experience for me and it made me grow as a person and become more mature.

Some words to future international students
Joining UAntwerp is a huge challenge since the level of education is quite high but definitely worth the effort. The academic staff is very professional and eager to share their expertise. Your stay in Antwerp will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life.