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The theme for the 2019 CityLAB summer school will be announced in December 2018.

For who

The summer school welcomes not only academic researchers (primarily at the PhD level) but also artists, writers, architects, urban planners, and policy-makers concerned with the role of the aesthetic imagination in the building of cities and the social construction of citizenship.

During an intensive one-week program, international experts from various backgrounds will discuss theories, empirical case studies, and aesthetic practices. The program will include field trips to locations where the aesthetic imagination has sought to shape urban reality.


What CityLAB participants from previous editions say

"The way the lectures were given was very involving and organizers welcomed questions and discussion right in the process of the lecture. Very diverse students helped to see the problem from the angles I would never even imagined existed."


"An excellent course. I would highly recommend similar courses to colleagues."


"The summer school had a very interesting and diverse group of participants; a programme that crosses disciplines; and a good combination of talks and field trips."