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CityLAB VIII: Sex, Gender, and the City

How do the various branches of contemporary urban studies engage with theories and cases developed in gender and sexuality studies or queer studies? All of these fields are by definition multidisciplinary and continuously in search of ways to think across boundaries and reconceptualize both individual agency and the social realm.

How might we apply theories of intersectionality to the context of urban identity formations? What happens to the study of urban demographics when identity markers of gender and sexuality interact not only with each other but with a variety of other social markers in a dynamic, open-ended manner? How do such complex and fluid identities interact with or depend upon material spaces?

This summer school is organized by the University of Antwerp’s Urban Studies Institute (USI) in collaboration with the Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network (A*). It investigates a wide range of critical questions about gendering, sexualizing, and queering urban studies by collecting them around six key terms:

  • History
  • Materiality
  • Migration
  • Sociality
  • Re/presentation
  • Intersectionality

The summer school combines presentations by a range of distinguished external speakers and local staff from USI and A* with discussion seminars and culturally oriented activities.

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Accepted Speakers

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Graduate, postgraduate, and PhD students in urban studies, gender and sexuality studies, and queer studies with an interest in interdisciplinary and intersectional thinking.


Summer school CityLAB: participants of 2019 edition

CityLAB summer school: lecture by Dirk Lauwers

What CityLAB participants from previous editions say

"I liked the fact that it is an interdisciplinary and 100% international summer school. The concept and programme were great, as well as the food and care!" (2019)

"The way the lectures were given was very involving and organizers welcomed questions and discussion right in the process of the lecture. Very diverse students helped to see the problem from the angles I would never even imagined existed." (2018)

"An excellent course. I would highly recommend similar courses to colleagues." (2017)

"The summer school had a very interesting and diverse group of participants; a programme that crosses disciplines; and a good combination of talks and field trips." (2018)

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