We offer a 5 day practical, inspiring and engaging Summer School in the context of Social Design. Product, service and system designers (from local and international agencies), social innovators, academic researchers, and multiple other experts from (non-)profit organizations and governmental institutions will guide you through this summer school within the context of ‘Innovation in Social Design’. We will work on following building blocks:

  • Intercultural design
  • International design
  • Circular design
  • Bio design
  • Digital design
  • Fashion design

Social designers are looking for solutions to societal challenges, such as the environment, cultural issues and working with vulnerable target groups. During the summer school we will engage in following themes:

  • What is social design and how can we create impact through social design?
  • Challenges in social design: co-designing innovative solutions
  • Thematic sessions on international and intercultural design
  • Business modelling in social design
  • Prototyping sessions in bio-design, circular design, digital and fashion design
  • Storytelling through design

Week Program

DAY 1 –  Inspiration and deep dive into Social Design

  • Welcome by !DROPS, SDN Belgium and UAntwerp
  • Keynote on ‘Resilliance as design practice’ by Annelys De Vet, Disarming Design From Palestine
  • Talk and hands-on workshop ‘Circulair business models’, by Yolan Gielen and Philip Marynissen, Vlaanderen Circulair

DAY 2 & 3 – Human Centered Design & Societal Challenges

  • Fast forward through the Human Centered Design process (inspiration, ideation and implementation)
  • Case study background (methods, process and outcome)
  • Focusing on specific challenges organisations are facing today
  • Passing all stages: ideation, conceptualisation, prototyping, usertesting and pitching
  • Involvement of experts and coaches through the whole process

DAY 4 – International & Intercultural design

  • Informal and peer-to-peer learning using the ‘unconference’ format
  • Inspirational talk and food by Yara AL Adib, From Syria With Love
  • International Keynote 'What is your canvas for the story?' by Hester Ezra (Founder Butterfly Works, designer at Makers Unite, studio Hester Ezra)
  • Workshop on intercultural design by Hester Ezra
  • Service Design Network evening

DAY 5 – Making for Good

  • Prototyping labs guided by social enterprises on bio materials, wood, textile and plastic. Designing solution for real challenges.
  • Closing moment