We offer a 5-day practical, inspiring and engaging summer school in the context of Product | Service | System design in health care. You will be guided by designers, social innovators, academic researchers and many other experts. You will be thinking and doing on the following subjects:

  • Digital storytelling and new media in the medical context
  • Human Centered Design and caregiving
  • Creative industries and care
  • Thematic sessions on psychiatry, neighbourhood care and migration and care
  • Personal wellbeing in work and daily life

Product, service and system designers (from local and international agencies), social innovators, academic researchers, and multiple other experts from (non-)profit organizations and governmental institutions will guide you through this summer school within the context of health care.

We offer a very hands-on, inspiring and engaging 5-day programme including the following themes:

DAY 1 –  Digital storytelling and new media in the medical context

  • International keynote on the use of VR in the medical context
  • Panel discussion with experts on the use of VR, and broader, new media in the medical context
  • Hands-on workshop on the use of new media and storytelling in care and concrete tools for implementation

DAY 2 & 3 –  Human Centered Design and Caregiving

  • Fast forward through the Human Centered Design process (inspiration, ideation and implementation)
  • Case study background (methods, process and outcome)
  • Focusing on specific challenges that caregivers are facing today
  • Passing all stages: ideation, conceptualisation, prototyping, usertesting and pitching
  • Involvement of experts and experts by experience through the whole process

DAY 4 – Thematic Day

  • International Keynote on creative industries and care
  • Informal and peer-to-peer learning using the ‘unconference’ format
  • Thematic sessions with experts to dive deep into the following topics:
    • Psychiatry
    • Neighbourhood care
    • Migration and care

DAY 5 – Personal Wellbeing

  • Morning yoga session
  • Energy Lab: intensive and inspiring workshop on energy work/private life balance at an unknown location (focus on group dynamics & creativity)
  • Meditation
  • Closing moment