Attention! On Thursday 30 July 2020 all forms were moved to a separate server!

Wherever possible, use online forms for enrolment or registration rather than downloadable forms in PDF or Word format.

Users can fill in these electronic forms that are published on the forms server. The details are then sent to an email address and filed in an Excel document that can be managed and downloaded by one or two managers.

Requesting an electronic form: how does it work?

Step 1

Check what information the registration form should contain, and prepare a page with all the information about the event together with the web editor of your website. The link to the form can then be added to this page. Make sure that all information about your event is on the UAntwerpen website, and that you only link to the registration form for registration. With every communication about the event you first link to the webpage on

Step 2

Contact e-Campus at least five days before the form should be published online ( or

Provide them with the information below:

  1. The purpose of the data processing. For example: organising a debate or a conference, sending a newsletter, etc.
  2. A word document providing a final overview of all the fields you need on the form + specifying which fields are mandatory + containing the text for each field.
  3. The link to the web page where the form should be published.
  4. The names of the employees who need to have access to the Excel data.
  5. Name + contact details of the department or person responsible for the data processing. This will be included in the privacy statement at the bottom of the form.
  6. The end date: after this date, a message will appear saying that it is no longer possible to register.

Step 3

e-Campus will first make a text version of the form and send you a link.

Step 4

You test the form and e-Campus will make any necessary changes.

Step 5

The form is published. Add the link to the form to your event page. Make sure to set an end date so that the form will go offline when the registration period is over.

How is the data processed?

You will receive an email containing new data every time someone registers using the form.
In addition, you will find an overview of all registrations on the forms server. 

Login to the forms server at Then surf to the URL of your form (you receive the URL of E-Campus) to download data. 

There are various buttons at the top of the form. Use these to download an Excel file containing the results. Click 'Download Excel'.

Thursday 30 July 2020 forms moved to a separate server!

After the switchover you had to follow up a few things as an editor:

  • Instead of the form - after the switchover - there will only be a button that links to the form on the new environment.
  • After the switchover, test if your form is ok. You can report problems to
  • The link on that button can be used to provide a link to the form on the webpage with information about the event.
  • Then remove the empty form page from your navigation tree.
  • Make sure that all information about the event is on a web page, and only link to the form in the other environment for registrations. Always link from a newsletter, invitation or calendar item to your web page on the UAntwerpen website first.
  • Login to the new forms environment at Then surf to the URL of your form (via the link on the button) to download data.