Press releases

Many faculties, departments and research units have a 'news' section on their web pages. This is definitely a good idea, but do bear copyright in mind. There is no harm in adding links to clips on radio or television websites or to online articles on newspaper or magazine websites.

It is not permitted, however, to publish PDF files or copies of print media articles. In this case, we are required to pay copyright fees. The cost for publishing one article on an education-related website is 20 euros (excluding 6% VAT). The article may then be retained on the website for a period of one year. If you would like to 'purchase' an article in this way, please contact

There is no problem if articles are only readable after logging in. It is not necessary to pay a copyright fee in this case.


We are required to hold the copyrights to all images published on our website. All images taken by freelance photographers whom the university has an agreement with may be used in all of the communication tools at UAntwerp. Furthermore, images can be purchased via press agencies, professional websites, etc.

Never just take images off the Internet.

Make clear agreements with photographers about publishing their images and mentioning their names.

Contact, responsible for the UAntwerp image library, if you have any questions or doubts.
You can also contact Sabine Mous if you would like one of our freelance photographers to photograph your event.


Only make online publications downloadable if you own the full copyright.

Links to publications should be created through the academic bibliography's 'handle' link.