The new 4D4A Lab is a 4D body scanner of the 3D human body shape including thermal images in high precision adding a 4th dimension, the time. The resulting settings of 4D body scanner is unique in Europe and (to the best of our knowledge) the world and constitutes the core of CHAT, a 4D center of expertise with the aim to use dynamical models of the human body for the development of new products with improved comfort and functionality, to design fundamentally new products with important applications in health (care).

The 4D4A scanning lab provides automatic markless 3D acquisition of body shape in movement and artefact-free watertight mesh reconstruction with anatomical point-to-point correspondence interframe. An ultra-fast system with a spatial and temporal resolution up to 179 fps. The device can be easily synchronized with other biomechanical equipment by means of synchro signal.

The 4D4A Lab can be used for exploring research in different domains and application but not limited as:

  1. Personalised physiotherapeutic treatment strategies
  2. Product development for wearables and 3D printing, i.e. performance wear (sportswear, workwear)
  3. Anthropometry and biomechanics for medical and ergonomic applications
  4. Quantitative insight in human anatomical variation of healthy and pathological populations
  5. Prevention, detection and biomonitoring of melanoma and breast-cancer including personalised breast-reconstitution after mastectomy and lumpectomy
  6. Monitoring of lymphedema
  7. Computational neuroscience and neuromechanical research
  8. Optimizing kinetic product-human units in wind-tunnel experiments to model aerodynamics for improved sport performance
  9.  Quantification of facial motions for speech-language pathologies
  10. Simulating the effect of treatments in osteo-arthritis and clinical surgery of lower limbs

4D4A is looking for new partners, collaborations and in general opportunities. If you are interested or curious about it, please contact us.