What this conferences is about

There is a continued need to stimulate and rethink the innovative and creative design of architectural structures and to bring specialists around architecture and structures together to collaborate when tackling the many new challenges of our times. The aim of the ICSA conferences is to present research and the latest developments in the field blending the perspectives from research, practice and teaching. The conference enables the gathering of international participants interested in the recent advances in the art, practice and theory of designing and building (infra)structures in which the structural and architectonic values are consciously combined and the contribution of each other is mutually enhanced. Hence, each presentation must explore the relationship between Structures and Architecture. In order to exemplify the academic and practical breadth and depth of the conference, we have included links to the final programs hereafter. 

Previous ICSA conferences

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REstructure REmaterialize REthink REuse — ICSA2025 in Antwerp calls for a re-imagination of current practices regarding structures and architecture. As a response to the pressing global climate and energy crisis and with new settings and tools, the design and construction of our built environment should be reconsidered and extended. We invite all researchers and practitioners to contribute their research and expertise to the effort.


The conference is intended for an audience of researchers and practitioners worldwide with a background in architecture and/or structural engineering. These include academics, researchers, students, architects, structural and construction engineers, landscape architects, other technical consultants, contractors, manufacturers, material suppliers, project managers, developers, contract administrators, asset managers, authorities and others.


The official language of the Conference is English.