The winners of the Student Prizes as awarded during the EAUH2022 conference are:

  • Inequality studies and urban history: Olivia Cocking (Emory College of Arts and Sciences), 'Pronatalism's Peripheries: Housing Poor Women in Early Third Republic Paris, 1880-1912' - S3
  • Multi-disciplinarity, heritage or urban theory: Lena Lorenz (Bauhaus-University Weimar), 'Reading Jerusalem's Street - a Cross Section through the History of Haifa' - S9
  • Premodern urban history: Antonia Weiss (University of Amsterdam), 'Producing Mobility in the Modernizing Metropolis: Walking, Begging and Peddling in Berlin's Tiergarten, c.1740-1830' - M37
  • Modern urban history: Črtomir Lorber (University of Ljubljana), 'Educating a Fascist New Man and the Role Social Space Plays in Indoctrination: Example of a Fascist Mining Colony of Rasa in Istria' - S4

The jury members and the International Committee of the EAUH want to congratulate the winners of the student prizes 2022!

Shane Ewen (chair of the jury), Simon Gunn (jury member) and Peter Stabel (jury member)