At UAntwerp

Young researchers, from (PhD) students to postdocs, are encouraged to collaborate with us to organize scientific and outreach activities. These activities could be

  • workshops and colloquia that broaden the knowledge of the members outside their special field of interest

  • visits to local industries and research labs or the organisation of an alumni evening to bring research and business closer together

  • outreach activities to stimulate the new generation of researchers or to increase the awareness for the importance of scientific research amongst the wider public

If you are an alumnus of Physics at UAntwerp and you want to share your experiences on the next Alumni evening, or you know someone who does, do not hesitate to contact us.

EPS Young Minds

We focus on international networking, young research involvement with the scientific community and the promotionof science among local communities.

These should be the goals of every young researcher in Europe. Of course, these highly-rewarding activities are time-consuming and hence the focus of most young researchers is on getting their research task done, be it in the lab or in front of a computer. A strong institutional support is therefore deeply needed. And this is the kind of support that is available in the framework of the EPS Young Minds Project.

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