Arts & Media Archaeology

Coordinated by Nele Wynants, the Arts & Media Archaeology team within the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA – Antwerp University) investigates the dynamic interplay between theatre, science, and visual media, exploring their intertwined histories. Their research spans the long nineteenth century, a period marked by significant cultural shifts, and explores how knowledge and visual representations were disseminated through travelling entertainment. Simultaneously, the team looks at the enduring impact of this cultural fusion, particularly regarding the evolving dynamics between art and science. 

Current research focuses on: (1) the dissemination of science and visual media within theatrical and popular cultural spheres; (2) the transnational circulation of knowledge, technology, and visual culture through nomadic forms of entertainment; (3) the examination of colonial narratives within visual propaganda and performance culture; and (4) the role of women in popular science and entertainment.