Director: Francesco Stella
Università degli Studi di Siena
Dipartimento di Filologia e Critica delle letterature antiche e moderne
Via Roma, 56
53100 Siena - Italy
Tel. 0577 234855 (int. 4855)
Fax 0577 234839

The project aims to present an overview of Medieval Latin Literatures as a global phenomenon which addresses not only Europe but also extra-European regions where Latin literature was produced in medieval times. It aims to contribute to the understanding of the Latin Middle Ages as a complex and multi-layered culture, whose attraction has been underestimated both because of the preeminence of Classical Latin in the school programs and because of an oversimplified perception of Middle Ages as a monolithic culture, linked exclusively to religious structures anachronistically deemed as uniform and obscured by the relative inaccessibility of its language (owing to lack of translations). Therefore the project intends to explore the many and various regions and epochs where Latin was written in Middle Ages, a huge block which includes the “literary” production of what are now more than 25 modern countries for a thousand years and about 18,000 authors, many of them still unpublished.