Alongside the teaching activities, such as the central joint workshops and the individual studios at the partner schools, there are a number of research activities. These can be understood as layers of reflection on circularity in the construction sector in relation to architectural education: 

  • What are the different conceptions and practices of circularity in different regions? 
  • What are the expectations, hopes and problems of an increasingly circular construction sector among the actors involved? And what do they see as crucial points in the education of architects? 
  • And on the side of the schools: What activities for the integration of circularity in the design studios and making workshops already exist, what are the problems and visions, and what is planned for the future? 
  • What do the students expect?

For this study we use different formats:

  • Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) with most partners
  • Survey with architecture schools
  • Interviews with participating students
  • Interviews with other teachers of architecture

Circu/ability (BIP) - Antwerp July 2023

Participating partners: University of Antwerp, Belgium (Project lead), University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Netherlands, and University of Thessaly Volos, Greece.

The climate crisis necessitates a paradigm shift in the CO2-depleting construction sector. Emerging practices, both in theory and practice, show the potential of reuse at the levels of construction materials, building components or larger spatial configurations. Yet, these initiatives remain scarce and largely unknown. This theoretical workshop seeks to map local networks of circular construction throughout Europe. We invite students and researchers to comparatively study local notions, practices and actors of availability-based construction. Case studies will be based in Greece, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Belgium. This summer school consists of two parts: an online preparatory session and a workshop in Antwerp, Belgium. During the first, students will draw actor-networks and actions in their own cultural contexts. In Antwerp, we will explore the Belgian state of affairs through keynote lectures and multiple visits to local actors.

3-7 July virtual online exchange

10-14 July workshop in Antwerp BE

BIP Antwerp flyer

Crafting Circularity Survey for Architecture Schools

To map the adoption of circular construction in different contexts of architectural education in Europe, a survey has been developed which addresses the following aspects

(1) the institutional background and overall teaching pedagogy of the institution

(2) the incorporation of circular construction in theory courses and studios

(3) the place of design-and-build workshops in the curriculum. 

Building on research, an international learning network will emerge to exchange knowledge of circular construction and develop novel educational concepts for integrated theory and practice courses.

If you and your school are interested in taking part, please get in touch with us!